Visceral Manipulation

Have you ever felt like you had a rock in your stomach? Sometimes the soft, mobile tissue of the organs (“viscera”) or the connective tissue surrounding the organs gets a little bit “stuck” and loses its full flexibility and mobility in the body. This leads to slightly reduced blood flow or nerve communication in that area – which means organs that just don’t function optimally.

Visceral Manipulation helps the organs to function and communicate optimally. While visceral manipulation can be used with nearly any organ of the body, most commonly people recognize the need for this type of treatment with chronic abdominal pain, areas that feel hard or stuck, acid reflux, abnormal nausea and burping, feeling constricted around the ribcage or chest or abdomen, or chronic conditions that affect function of the organs in general.

Testimonial about the effects of Visceral Manipulation:

“After spending a holiday weekend away and eating way too much of all the wrong things, my stomach was not feeling the greatest on the day I went for treatment. The treatment itself was actually very soothing and relaxing…
I slept well that night and in the morning had a normal stomach without acid or abnormal movements. What a relief! I’ll be getting more of these treatments, without a doubt. ” – V.L.