Massage Therapy

Massage has been used for health and healing across the globe and through out time. Moving the body and massaging the tissue has been proved useful for issues such as body pain, arthritis, headaches, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, and high blood pressure.

The massage practitioners at Community Care Collective offer a variety of styles and techniques and are able to customize treatments to individual clients. Techniques such as traditional Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Recovery, Thai, Prenatal, and Hot Stone are designed to help restore the body to a state of healing and calm.

Often overlooked as something luxurious massage is a healing technique proven to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions from body pain, to stress, to fibromyalgia. All massages are customized to the clients needs and temperament.

What we offer

Deep Tissue – this massage technique works within the client’s threshold, but is used to apply medium to medium-plus discomfort. Traumas held deep in the muscle and fascia sometimes require this type of work to release and feel long-lasting positive change within the body. Myofascial release and trigger point therapy are examples of this type of work.

Sports Massage – a technique used not only on athletes, but any person who lives an active lifestyle. This type of bodywork is relevant to those dealing with an acute issue, chronic pain from a recent or old injury, or recovering from an athletic event. Hour-long sessions focus on the place where the symptoms are felt and its surrounding area.

Thai Massage – an ancient form of massage that uses stretching, deep compression, and subtle energy movement to add space into the body, specifically the joints, and relieve stress and muscle pain. This massage style is done on a mat on the floor and client is fully clothed. This allows for movements of the body and stretches that would be hard to administer unclothed under a sheet.

Prenatal Massage – this massage technique is used for women who are pregnant. It help alleviate some of the symptoms that can occur with a healthy pregnancy, mainly muscle and joint aches and pains, and the joint swelling that can sometimes occur.

Hot Stone Massage – heated stones are used during a Swedish massage to heat up the deeper tissues of the body and add warmth to the body. This technique is great for relieving the symptoms of stress, muscle aches and pains that come from stiffness, and opening up superficial tissue that is chronically tight.

Swedish Massage – while this technique is used in all touch massage that is on a table to smooth out the area of the body worked or transition to the next part of the body, it is known for long, flowing strokes along the body. The pressure applied usually ranges from light to medium.