Cynthia Pepping

Cynthia Pepping at the Community Care CollectiveCynthia Pepping grew up in Connecticut and experienced receiving electrolysis treatment herself when she was nineteen. After exploring different occupations that centered on being of service to others, Cynthia recalled the blessing electrolysis was to her own life and chose to offer this service to others, providing them the same sense of peace and hope she had experienced herself.

Cynthia received her electrolysis certification from the State of New York after completing a 650 hour electrolysis course at the New York Institute of Electrolysis. She became proficient in using all 3 modalities and attained a skill level that impressed her instructor to the point she often placed Cynthia in charge of the institute’s clinic, where Cynthia assisted other students with instruction and demonstration while working on clients.

Licensed in the State of Connecticut to perform electrolysis, Cynthia went on to open her own business while also being a single parent to her young son. While running her business, Cynthia went on to attend and graduate from Gal-Mar Aesthetics School and Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. This allowed her to offer more services to her clients including, rosacea facials, body treatments, acne treatment, reflexology, aroma therapy, ear candling, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping, waxing and message. Cynthia also created her own line of skin care products for her clients that were formulated to address specific skin types and issues.

Now living in the Denver, Colorado area, Cynthia has re-established her electrolysis business, allowing her to continue to provide this life changing service to those who wish to show the world and themselves their own natural beauty.

Cynthia is no longer taking new clients at Community Care Collective. New clients can see Cynthia at her Aurora practice, “Hey, Gorgeous”. (2620 South Parker Rd).

To make an appointment for Electrolysis, Reflexology, Ear Candling, or Lymphatic Drainage, please visit or call Cynthia at 720.341.4558!