Laura Deloatch

Laura Deloatch at the Community Care CollectiveLaura Deloatch, DVM, LAc holds a Doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine and has spent the last decade working at Deer Creek Animal Hospital. She studied in Florida and New Mexico to become a certified veterinary acupuncturist and herbalist. She is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for all animals.

Laura has always been drawn to a life of healing. Her life began to change after spending some time in Kenya studying wildlife management and ecology. After graduating from Denison University, she served three years with the U.S. Peace Corps working with veterinarians and farmers in the Caribbean. In these third world countries, Laura learned about alternative and natural ways of healing.

Through the years, Laura’s clients had witnessed firsthand the profound effect Chinese medicine had on their pets’ health and begged her to treat them as well. In 2006, Laura started at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine to complete a three year master’s degree in Chinese medicine. Laura is now a licensed human acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist here in Colorado.

Laura treats all creatures – no matter how many legs they may have.

Laura is currently based in Salida, CO and treats at Community Care Collective on select weekends.

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