My name is Storie and I am a non-binary transgender individual. I use He/Him/His or They/Them/Theirs pronouns. I became interested in vibrational sound therapy due to my own journey to overcome PTSD.  I keep the prices for the therapy I offer reasonable, because I am very aware of the many hardships that can come with healing from PTSD.  I trained in Vibrational Sound Therapy in July of 2017 and became fully certified in January of 2018. I am also a certified meditation leader, and Reiki Level I practitioner. I am both an LGBTQ and trauma informed practitioner.

Outside of work I enjoy doing needlepoint, reading non-fiction, watching anime, and enjoying time with my family. I am also currently pursuing a MA in integrative health coaching from Maryland University of Integrative Health as an online student. I founded and run Denver Ace+ Meetup and serve as a board member of PAVES non-profit.

I founded the Denver Ace+ Meetup because when I came out as asexual support seemed non-existent.  It is a peer run support group which allows for people identifying on the asexual spectrum to both give and receive support.  The group meets monthly or as my schedule permits.

PAVES is a nonprofit, which provides awareness, education, and outreach campaigns to ensure that polysexual individuals know they are not forgotten and are never alone.


– Individual Vibrational Sound Healing Sessions

30 min and 60 min sessions available

– Individual Guided Meditation Sessions

30 min sessions only


30 min sessions only


30 min sessions are $5

60 min sessions are $10


To Schedule:

303-596-7533 (text messages only please)