Kati Betters – Interwoven Balance Acupuncture and Healing

Kati Betters - Interwoven Balance Acupuncture and Healing

Kati Betters’ mission is to compassionately provide a safe, confidential and personalized treatment plan for each individual patient.  Her goal is to address and cater toward each patient’s physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, emphasizing the psycho-emotional “root”, as to what the symptomatic “branches” present.  

Kati can empathize with many journeys of life due to both personal and objectively witnessed experiences. Therefore, she welcomes everyone from every walk of life to come in and share their story openly without judgement. This understanding of the astounding power of the mind and body, versus the typically seen “one size fits all” prescription or incision to heal, is the basis of her medical approach. Kati looks forward to providing individualized care to obtain optimal health and well being.

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Phone: 970.481.8361

Email: kati.betters@gmail.com