MateoLuis – Reiki Practitioner

ML Ruiz-Williams grew up in Arvada, Colorado. Having been raised in a very strong faith-based family, at the age of 19 I felt drawn to the idea of spirituality and the various gifts that had been present my entire life. The journey has been incredible and powerful. At the age of 24.5 the animal medicine cards were given as a gift, from another spiritual seeker. The cards were an opening into the practice of intuitive messages and readings. As I incorporated the messages and guidance of the animals into my daily life and practice, people began to ask for readings. While there were a few opportunities to share this with deaf friends, it has only been in the past 6 months that I have been providing readings in ASL as regular practice. With the incorporation of Reiki the messages have become clearer and poignant.

Mateo sees clients at Community Care Collective on Sundays.