Crissy Michaels at the Community Care CollectiveCrissy Michaels

Crissy grew up in Cascade, CO and came back to Colorado to study acupuncture. She studied at the Southwest Acupuncture College to receive her Masters Degree in Acupuncture in 2016.  During her studies in Boulder County she soon found the amazing support of Out Boulder in the community and she became a volunteer last winter in Longmont. Crissy teaches classical ballet at Longmont Dance Theatre and sits on the board of Centennial State Ballet. On top of being an active participant in the arts and ballet community, Crissy is owner and operator of Colorado Art of Acupuncture LLC, which has locations in Denver and Longmont. Crissy is active in the transgender community, volunteering her time with Out Boulder.   Crissy identifies as she, her, hers, and Miss.

Visit Crissy on Fridays from 4-6:30pm for a Community Style Acupuncture Treatment at Community Care Collective.  Drop-ins welcome!!