Amber Zeta – Change Agent – Healer – Teacher

Amber Zeta at the Community Care CollectiveAmber Zeta is a priestess and healer in Denver, Colorado. She offers spiritual teaching, hands-on healing, and spiritual/life coaching. Her life experience has continually led her down the path of assisting in the healing of others. Believing that her purpose in the world is to facilitate positive change for others, she has designed her profession to allow that purpose to thrive. Amber earned a Master of Arts in mythological studies with an emphasis on depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. After college, she extensively studied the healing modalities that resonated with her, which culminated with her discovery of Access Consciousness Bars. Drawing on her experience with healing and with her academic studies in mythology and depth psychology, she created a private practice of her own. In this practice, Amber assists people in reaching their highest potential by using kindness, awareness, and a variety self-empowering tools.
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Amber currently offers appointments at Community Care Collective on Sundays.
Call to make an appointment: 832.819.4824